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Study Skills We Tutor:


Organization of study areas


Listening & following directions


Test taking skills


Strategies for effective studying


Memorization strategies


Effective note taking methods


Textbook study


Homework techniques


Reading comprehension skills


Goal setting


Managing deadlines and assignments

Teenager being helped with schoolwork by teacher.

Study Skills at Learning Lab

Many bright students have difficulty in school, not because they lack initiative or the talent to perform at a higher level, but because they lack basic organization and study skills. Messy binders, poor note-taking, and lack of organization result in misplaced study sheets, missing facts, and lost time.

Learning Lab teaches executive functioning skills that enable students to organize and study effectively, so they can actually spend less time on homework, optimize test preparation, and achieve better grades.

Student getting help with social studies from teacher.

Why are Study Skills Important?

Do these phrases sound familiar?

  • “I forgot my book at school.”
  • “It takes me forever to do my homework.”
  • “I did my homework, but I can’t find it.”
  • “I didn’t know we had a quiz/test today.”

Study skills seem to be quite the buzz phrase lately. Is there too much hype surrounding it? Absolutely not! Good skills can make or break a student’s success in the classroom and at home. We repeatedly see our students increase their knowledge, which leads to improved grades, when applying Learning Lab’s sound study skills strategies. The best news is that using proven skills is easy to do.

Teach helping a student with his study skills.

At What Age are Study Skills Needed?

From elementary school through graduate school and beyond, developing outstanding skills positively impacts each student’s academic success by adding tools enabling them to be better organized, more structured in their studies, and more time-efficient overall.

Some Key Strategies We Like to Reinforce:


Use an organized Binder System – This will help streamline all papers and notebooks to help minimize “stuff” that a child has to organize.


Keep binder and planner easily accessible through the day.


Stay healthy and active.


When reading notes, read them out loud AND walk around…stay active while learning.


Break homework up into small chunks of learning.


Think with a pen in hand – draw graphs, pictures, or symbols that illustrate important concepts while listening in class or reading at home.

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