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Gateway’s customized approach for each student increases confidence as well as academic skills for the child and reduces school anxiety and stress for the whole family.

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The Gateway Academy Advantage

Gateway Academy is an accredited private school in association with the Learning Lab that provides each student with an idyllic learning environment: most classrooms here are classrooms of one student and in some cases small groups of up to five students.

Each student follows a unique and personalized curriculum based upon their specific needs, strengths, talents, and interests. Gateway Academy offers all academic subjects in all grades. Whether students want to catch up, get ahead, or simply take a break from the traditional school setting, Gateway Academy is where they can help direct their own education, all while meeting required state standards and guidelines.

The Gateway Model


An accredited school that accommodates students in grades K through 12 who may have unique needs or schedule restrictions: students with learning differences, those who are intimidated by a large group learning environment, aspiring athletes or performers who have special practice or travel schedules, or those who need or want an individualized, private education for any reason.


A learning environment in which there is one teacher for every student because one-on-one is simply the best way to learn.


A school where all students follow their personalized curriculum, work at their own pace and on their own schedule — and no student is left behind or held back from reaching his or her full potential, whether they are here for remedial or advanced learning.


An educational model that keeps parents, and others as necessary, in the information loop on a frequent and regular basis regarding their student’s progress.

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Why Choose Gateway?

At Gateway Academy, we believe in a team effort to achieve the best results. Ours is a unique approach to education that allows for learning at each student’s pace, whether remedial or accelerated, without leaving any student behind or at a slower pace. We share weekly reports of each student’s sessions that outline progress, issues encountered, and specific areas in which we recommend additional focus.

Who are Gateway Academy Students?


Students who want a break from a traditional school setting.


Students who are performers, athletes, or who require flexible schedules.


Students who need a more concentrated learning environment so that their learning pace is not dictated by the rest of the class.


Homeschooled students who need help in one subject or who want full time one-on-one or small group instruction.


Students who are not comfortable learning in group settings.

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The Gateway Benefit

Imagine how much more your child could learn in a classroom of one if their success was the teacher’s sole focus. No crowded classrooms. No distractions from other students. No pressure trying to keep pace with peers. In the Gateway learning environment students often learn faster and learn better than they would in a traditional classroom. That is why Gateway Academy has become Middle Tennessee’s leading one-on-one educational environment.

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What is success at Gateway?

Success at Gateway is measured by grades as well as subject mastery and student satisfaction with the overall learning experience, all of which are emphasized in the personalized learning environment. This approach also ensures that each student moves ahead only after mastering the material at hand – and all at their own pace.

Learning is a lifetime pursuit, and mastering the art of learning serves Gateway students long after their formal education is behind them.

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