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Preparing for Exams – Study Tips that Work!


Final Exams can often bring stress to students and their families. Students may need extra help to prepare for this sometimes overwhelming event, so secure your tutor early. Having a tutor will not only allow your child to have that extra academic support but it also allows the parent to participate in a more supportive role rather than a “teacher” role. Below are some tips which may make this process more successful.

  1. Turn off your Phone and go to a place free of distractions to study.
  2. Give yourself enough time to study fully for the exam.  Starting the night before does not meet that criteria.
  3. Organize your materials and complete all study guides.
  4. Review past exams and quizzes.  The final exam usually is a combination of those tests.
  5. Make notecards, or study sheets to help you have a more compact list of information to study
  6. Take regular breaks during your studying.
  7. Eat healthy snacks during studying.
  8. Get a good night’s sleep.  Staying up too late will hinder you more that help you!