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Learning Lab provides the best tutoring | test prep | educational assessments in Nashville and Brentwood, as well as other educational services. We meet students where they are and empower them to grow.

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Learning Lab's Virtual Learning Support

If you're struggling to navigate your child's online learning platform, you are NOT alone. Families across Middle Tennessee are feeling overwhelmed by tech issues, periodic disruptions, and information overload.   If your family needs a place to send your child during the day while they attend their school's online platform, or if you prefer in-home virtual support, then Learning Lab's Virtual Learning Support is your solution!

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Start Well. Learn well. Live well.

Your life will be what you mold, shape, and design it to be. But whatever your course or direction, learning – and the ability to learn – will be your constant companions.

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Gateway Academy

Personalized learning with Gateway’s one-to-one teacher-student ratio focuses on each student’s individual needs, beyond a traditional school environment.

About Gateway
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We assess cognitive and academic abilities along with emotional issues through psychoeducational, dyslexia, ADHD, academic, intellectual and preschool evaluations. We also offer aptitude and ability testing.

About Assessments
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Test Prep

There is no mystery to improving one’s standardized test scores. The test-taking strategies we teach and the confidence we instill help students to perform better than their previous best.

About Test Prep
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Individual subject focus, coupled with the skills we teach, promotes faster learning as well as higher-level performance.

About Tutoring
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What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning represents an evolving change in thinking about the best way to educate students today. Our one-to-one learning environment addresses each student’s learning needs and challenges, as well as the personal goals that drive them.

The result: Students often learn at a faster pace and perform at a higher level than they would in a traditional classroom setting.

About Learning Lab
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Is Gateway Academy for you?

At Gateway Academy, we believe in a team effort to achieve the best results. Our accredited environment provides each student with a one-on-one and/or small group format - often one teacher for one student in most subjects.

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Who is Assessment for?

Undetected learning differences are often responsible for children struggling in school. Learning Lab's Assessment Center identifies a student's strengths and challenges, as well as hidden learning differences that can be supported.

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Test Prep Center

Our test-taking strategies and our training build confidence and help students optimize standardized test performance, which can positively influence acceptance to the private school or college of their choice.

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Benefits of Tutoring?

Many students encounter a subject they find difficult to grasp. At Learning Lab, tutoring enables them to develop good learning habits and skills, for adolescents to cultivate critical thinking ability, and for students of all ages to enhance their knowledge and understanding of academic subjects.

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One-on-one Tutoring Subjects:

5 Signs Your Child May Be Falling Behind In School

It's heartbreaking to watch your child struggle in school. Are you worried about how recent school closures will create even more challenges than before? Download our free guide to learn more about the 5 Signs Your Child May Be Falling Behind in School, so you can recognize the warning signs before they happen.
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