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What is Math x 3?

Math x 3 is the Learning Lab’s unique and proprietary three-track instructional program to help each student master fundamentals of math, retain current concepts, and successfully conquer common math challenges at every level.

Each track in our Math x 3 program addresses the scope of the student’s problem with any math concept or fundamental, and every aspect of Math x 3 has been designed to help students understand, improve, and excel in all math disciplines, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and beyond. See below to learn more about each track.

For students who are already proficient in math but seeking to improve their standardized test scores, such as those for the ACT, SAT, or GRE, the learning process is the same in our Test Prep center: individual, progressive, and measured.

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Math Tutoring

Many students that have a good basic foundation in math sometimes encounter difficulties with new concepts or with unfamiliar teaching methods. Learning Lab math educators structure individual tutoring sessions to correspond with each student’s current course and provide help with current homework and class assignments.

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What is Math Intervention?

It is critically important for students to remain at grade level, with full understanding of each concept. Math Intervention features a key diagnostic assessment tool that identifies subject weaknesses and concepts a student has not yet mastered. Information gathered in the assessment helps to create a personalized curriculum to target an individual student’s specific weakness.

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Conquering Math Anxiety

There is perhaps no greater frustration for a math student than to demonstrate understanding of concepts presented in class, complete homework successfully, and then underperform on tests. Conquering Math Anxiety focuses on building a student’s confidence and self-esteem with math skills. All sessions are taught one-on-one to target each student’s specific math anxieties.

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