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The Benefits of Personalized Learning

These days, more families than ever before are leaning into alternative learning styles. Whether that’s choosing to homeschool, joining a learning pod, or finding ways to manage virtual learning through the public school system… it’s safe to say that the education process is changing on a scale never seen before. For some families, Gateway Academy’s personalized learning model offers a time-tested, yet innovative solution.

What Is Personalized Learning?

Imagine how much more your child could learn in a classroom of one, where their teacher is solely focused on your student’s success. No crowded classrooms. No distractions from other students. No pressure to try and keep pace with peers. In a personalized learning environment, students often learn faster and learn better than they would in a traditional classroom. That’s why Gateway Academy has become Middle Tennessee’s leading one-on-one educational environment.

Student and teacher laughing while looking at open books on a table.Why Choose Personalized Learning?

  • Better Engagement. Students who learn in a one-on-one environment with their teacher tend to play a more active role in their learning experience. There’s no room for being passive or an observer, as the teacher and student engage in personalized learning. Additionally, students who learn from a teacher directly have a greater chance for learning through independent sources or gaining specialized knowledge, as the teacher has an opportunity to break out of the standardized textbook approach that’s required when educating a large group of students.
  • Better Pacing. In the personalized learning environment, teachers and students can set an appropriate pace and define goals that work for the student. There’s no need to slow down or speed up to match the needs of a larger classroom. According to a study cited by Dreambox, “93% of education professionals agree that students would benefit from personalized pacing targeted at gaps in achievement or to accelerate learning.”
  • Options for Exploratory Learning. When studying one-on-one with a teacher, students have an opportunity to explore their personal interests and goals within the context of the curriculum – and even outside of the classroom! Instructors can easily customize teaching and encourage exploratory learning in a way that suits the student’s natural learning style.

Personalized Learning Starts at Gateway Academy

Learn more about the personalized learning services available to your family in Brentwood and Nashville at Gateway Academy. 

Gateway Academy is an accredited private school that will provide your student with a learning environment specifically geared to meet their individual needs: most classrooms here are classrooms of one student and in some cases small groups of up to five students. 

If Gateway Academy and the concept of personalized learning sounds like a good fit for your student’s needs, please contact one of our two locations, or fill out the form below!

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