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Encourage Your STEM Student!

With the demand and popularity for STEM knowledge, there are lots of benefits to encouraging the students in your life to take on STEM projects. But it can be daunting to keep them going outside of school. With so many options and methods, it’s tough to choose the ones that will keep your students engaged and interested in STEM topics when their teachers aren’t there to keep them on track. 

Fortunately, there are fun options that provide the perfect channel to keep your students engaged!

Our educators at Learning Lab are always looking for products that encourage learning at home and in a family setting. Here are two products we recommend for your STEM student.

Makey Makey

This subscription box is an ideal way to interface physical household items with your computer. Set up takes minutes and the Makey Makey classic kit provides a banana piano as a first project. From there you can expand into coding, build game controllers, or use everyday objects for interaction with your pc. With 1000’s of possibilities to encourage STEM foundations, you’ll have fun learning the fundamentals while turning everyday objects into new possibilities! 

What’s great is that there’s something for everyone and adults can join in on the fun to make projects a family pursuit. With the family engaged, everyone can contribute to the project and join in on the fun. 

Makey Makey also provides booster kits to encourage exploration of other STEM topics and expand on the capabilities of the original kit. 

And, if you need inspiration, Makey Makey provides online resources and workshops to help you with new ideas and innovations. 


Another great subscription option to encourage your STEM students, KiwiCo provides kits that are age-specific, topic-specific, and subject-specific. Starting at 0 – 24 months, and moving up to 100 years old, there’s something here for everyone, and it’s a great reason for the family to get together and work on STEM projects together.

Unlike Makey Makey, KiwiCo provides individual kits for each topic you’d like to explore. With kits for design and creativity, your student can explore the artistic and design side of STEM while learning the fundamentals of the different disciplines within STEM. Kits for science and engineering provide an outlet for your students to explore their engineering interests while expanding on their overall knowledge.

You can also break down their offering by individual subjects such as Chemistry or Electronics, further encouraging specific interests and promoting learning. This helps your students drill down further on interests and discover more about the variety of career paths that are available to them. 

KiwiCo is a great option for those looking for specific learning options with a greater variety of formats to learn in. With kits for everyone, your whole family is invited to join in on the fun and promote a learning environment that benefits your students and your loved ones alike. 

Learning Lab recommends both of these subscription services to promote and encourage your student to take interest in their STEM learning. Whether you’re looking for a great physical and tactile kit to work with the fundamentals in Makey Makey, or looking to drill down on additional subjects or topics beyond STEM with KiwiCo, you can’t go wrong with either option. They’re both sure to keep you and your family engaged in STEM learning! 

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