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Are the Benefits of Traditional Online School Worth It?

Young student getting help with math from a teacher.
One-on-one personalized learning at Gateway Academy

Over the last 12 months, an astounding number of teachers and students have had to make the shift from a traditional in-person education experience to online school. Virtual classrooms have had an explosive breakout certain to set new precedent in how students learn.

But is traditional online school working? “New data from the RAND Corporation show that many teachers are still struggling,” reports Education Week in a November 2020 article. After surveying 1,082 teachers and 1,147 school leaders, RAND found:

  • Two-thirds of teachers said that the majority of their students were less prepared for grade-level work than they were at this time last year.”
  • 56 percent of teachers said that they had covered only half, or less than half, of the curriculum content that they would have gotten to by this time last year.”
  • “Only about 1 in 5 teachers said that they were on the same schedule as years past.”

Of course, traditional online school certainly has its benefits. According to the report, absenteeism is down. Students also enjoy greater flexibility. However, increased flexibility doesn’t lead to better results for all students. Some need that extra push that comes with in-person learning or a one-on-one virtual classroom experience. Gateway Academy can help.

The Gateway Academy Difference

At Gateway Academy, students are not put into a class with 25 of their peers. Rather, Gateway Academy students enjoy the benefits of learning in a one-on-one environment. With individualized attention from instructors, students aren’t restricted to learning in a “one size fits all” environment, which has been proven unsuccessful.

As an accredited private school in association with the Learning Lab, Gateway Academy offers:

  • An individualized approach
  • One teacher for every student in all subjects and grades
  • Personalized curriculum custom-designed to fit your child’s specific needs
  • A distraction-free virtual classroom environment

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