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Your Child Can Be a Reader for Life

From a beginning reader to Shakespeare, chemistry, and even math, the ability to read well and understand written language are the most important educational skills your child needs to achieve success in school, in a career, and in life. Children who read better are often able to write better, allowing them to become optimal learners.

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Exclusively from Learning Lab: LifeReader™

Learning Lab’s LifeReader is a unique approach that equips students with the training and skills to become excellent readers – and exceptional learners! It is the most comprehensive reading improvement program available to help your student succeed in school and become a reader for life. LifeReader offers much more than reading instruction. From basic skills improvement to addressing dyslexia, a condition in which students experience difficulties with common language skills including reading, writing, and spelling, this program helps students improve in phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

LifeReader is designed to close learning gaps at a faster rate and is optimally suited for use in Learning Lab’s one-on-one learning environment. Based on a multi-sensory approach that targets all learners and features dyslexia-specific intervention while addressing all reading deficits, LifeReader offers customized guidance to help students overcome reading problems or manage learning-related concerns, including spelling and vocabulary instruction. Throughout our program we measure your student’s progress and provide updates, as well as conduct a final assessment, communicate accomplishments, and provide recommendations for post-program guidelines.

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