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Learning Bridge 2022:

Bridge the Gap!  We will help your child get caught up and back on track this summer in English Language Arts and Math!

Given the circumstances of how schools have had to operate over the last two years due to the pandemic, parents might be concerned about their students’ reading and/or math gaps going into the next school year. Learning Bridge is designed for students in rising 1st-8th grades who need to make sure they have mastered their grade-level skills and concepts before the next school year! We will cover material in English Language Arts and Math subjects that your child either missed or did not grasp this past school year. Your child will work one-on-one with a professional instructor to “bridge” knowledge gaps in these key subjects.

Not sure if your child needs Math and/or Reading Intervention instead? 

  • Our Math and Reading Intervention programs are for students who are below grade level, and need to get caught up to grade-level. This student is likely doing Response to Intervention (RTI) at school. If your child needs Math and/or Reading Intervention, click on the links below to learn more!

Still not sure whether your child needs Learning Bridge or Intervention? Don’t worry! We can help you with determining which is the best fit for your student! 


Rising 1st-8th graders

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