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Courses for Credit:

Reasons for taking Courses for Credit:

  1. Does your child want to lighten their course load for the next school year, or get ahead?
  2. Is your child behind in credits, or did you move from out of state, and your new school doesn’t accept all of your child’s credits from their previous school?
  3. Do you want your child to be competitive for private school enrollment?
  4. Is your child on an “advanced track?”
  5. Is your child moving from a homeschool setting to a more traditional school?

Gateway Academy’s Courses for Credit offers an accelerated program for 7th-12th graders to gain full credit in all major high school subjects. What’s more, we work closely with the schools to ensure that they will accept the credit.

Our personalized instruction is offered in-person, or through video with an instructor in real-time.

All of our Courses for Credit classes are one-on-one and individually scheduled. We can work around your family’s summer schedule.

Math, English, and High School Science:

Half credit, in as little as 36 Hours
Full credit, in as little as 72 Hours


Foreign Language, History, and High School Electives:

Half credit, in as little as 32 Hours
Full credit, in as little as 64 Hours


Students in 7th-12th grade who want to earn credit in a course

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