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Learning Lab - Tutoring, Academic Assessments, Test Prep Nashville, TN
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"Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities
were used in a way that served others."
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Our Report Card Our Report Card

The Learning Lab takes great pride in the achievements of all of our students and we are gratified by the engagement and support of their parents.  Truly, that is what makes our work meaningful and worthwhile.  As such, we are proud to post some of the many letters we receive from parents and others as evidence of the quality of our educational services.

“Dr. Taylor: Thank you so much for everything. You have been so informative, understanding and compassionate throughout this process... I will recommend the Learning Lab to anyone with my highest regards. ”

- Jerri and Allen B.


"I wanted to take a second and let you know that Sophie passed all her classes and her exams this second semester. Honestly, I didn't know if she was going to get through them successfully, especially with Algebra II. Judy helped us these past few weeks tremendously; like I couldn't have gotten through without her.... I really appreciate all the help Learning Lab afforded when I knew there was no way I could help her. What a learning experience! Again, you all are the best!"

- Kim S. 


“Thank you all for your assistance.  I cannot tell you enough how Brandon beamed when he opened up his envelope and read his ACT score.  He said, "Mom, now I can get the Hope scholarship and maybe attend a better college too!"   Your efforts have given Brandon the boost of confidence he needed, so from the bottom of my heart I truly thank you!”

 Cathie C.


“At first, I was very skeptical about taking a course that wasn’t ‘required’, but I soon found it was totally worth my time. As a high school senior, soon to be college student, I am happy that I have obtained the skills to be a better learner all around. I notice the cognitive functions that have been improved on a daily basis.”

- Savannah C., Student


“I have learned to be more patient and flexible...I know how to prepare myself and I know how to react to different situations even if I do not expect them.”

- Trevor G., Student


“I am so happy to let you know that Jake made a 30 cumulative on the ACT!! I am so happy to let you know that Jake made a 30 cumulative on the ACT!! He had a 33 in reading, 31 in English, 30 in science and a 26 in math…I need to inquire if the colleges we are thinking of applying to have any scholarships he could get if he raised his score.”

- Kris W.  


“I saw my boys take more responsibility for their learning, become more organized, and spend more time planning activities. They became more efficient in their work and better managers of time.”

- Sherri G., Professional Educator and Parent


"I scheduled several one-on-one sessions for my son to prep for the October ACT test. At the first meeting, I gave the scores to the instructor so that she could analyze where he needed the most help.

The results were fantastic! He raised his composite score 4 points! I have recommended Learning Lab to several of my friends! I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you do to help our children succeed!"

- Celeste M. 


"Our daughter has come so far in such a short amount of time. She is so much more confident in her reading and writing…I just can’t believe how fast you guys have brought her up to where she needs to be. …She is no longer getting frustrated with writing sentences and paragraphs. This morning she took out her journal and started journaling on her own. Last year she was having meltdowns when she had to write a sentence. Now, she writes paragraphs without a tantrum – only a little help and some encouragement is needed.  Thank you for all you have done for her and for our family."


- Cindy S.


"My son has been attending Gateway Academy at Learning Lab as a home-school student for almost three years. He began in his freshman year of high school and it was the best decision we ever made…Instructors are hand picked for (our son), and because he’s a “visual learner,” courses include many hands-on lessons that capitalize on (his) strengths and therefore, build self-esteem, too. The excellent communication and support between teachers, students and parents add to the many reasons why we’ve had a successful, stress-free academic experience with the Gateway Academy team."

- Lori C.


"My daughter has been a student at Learning Lab for over seven years and it has changed her life….She had some challenges organizing her thoughts and focusing. She also needed additional help in mathematics and science.  

Your tutors helped her get organized and she thrived in the atmosphere of your caring and supportive staff. She is a high school sophomore now and she has been an A/B student for several years. Jack and I greatly appreciate the genuine, personal interest you take in our daughter’s progress."

- Margaret M.


"Gateway Academy is a perfect fit for our daughter. Traditional school settings were not an option and Learning Lab could accommodate our unusual needs. Our daughter has thrived in this one-on-one environment and her confidence has soared. What a blessing for our family."

- Stephanie A.


"Two years ago, I was referred to your learning center… Our 14 year old son…was an intelligent, frustrated boy who had endured verbal and physical assault by his peers. Over the course of time, he fell seriously behind in his class work.  Achievement test scores revealed he was several years below his designated grade level. He came to believe that he was socially and academically inferior to his classmates. As a result, he believed that he would never be successful and make it to college.  Upon entrance to your program, my son was thoroughly assessed through a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation. The clinical testing data and academic recommendations obtained from this evaluation have proven invaluable. This process helped to clarify our son’s individual academic needs, as well as target specific approaches designed to maximize his learning abilities and successes.

Today, he is taking four sophomore-level core courses at Gateway, and often exceeds grade level expectations. He is a self-assured, young man… your caring, supportive staff taught our son HOW TO LEARN, and more importantly, this experience has helped restore his self-confidence and self-esteem, which is priceless!"

- Laura and Ken R.



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Serving greater Nashville in 2 locations:
Brentwood - 615-377-2929
Nashville - 615-321-7272

Serving greater Nashville in 2 locations:
Brentwood - 615-377-2929
Nashville - 615-321-7272

Serving greater Nashville in 2 locations:
Brentwood - 615-377-2929
Nashville - 615-321-7272

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