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Don’t let COVID-19 isolation interrupt your child’s education. School is ALWAYS in session at our ONLINE Learning Lab!

Even in required isolation, your student can experience one-on-one learning from one of our expert teachers, in any subject and any grade level.  It’s all available now ONLINE at Learning Lab, and with a teacher in real time. Despite mandatory COVID-19 isolation, Learning Lab is offering an accredited academic continuum of services online at every grade level from kindergarten through 12th grade for your student.  Best of all, it’s online in the privacy, safety, and comfort of your home during this challenging time – or ALL the time!

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Expert Tutoring Online

While your child’s regular school is closed, there is plenty of free time to keep up with his or her curriculum at Learning Lab, or we can create a curriculum for your student. Online Tutoring at Learning Lab allows your student to continue his or her studies with one-on-one tutoring in any subject – or even multiple subjects – and at any grade level, without losing learning time or knowledge already acquired. 

Our professional educators bring comprehensive backgrounds in their respective subject areas and experience in helping students learn and succeed at every level. Because all tutoring is done remotely through an online platform, there is no health risk to your child or your family. Online Tutoring at Learning Lab means that your student can continue to progress in his or her studies with a professional educator in live sessions safely and at home during this crisis.

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Accredited Private School: Full Time and Online with a Teacher in Real Time

Our Gateway Academy is an accredited, full-time private school that operates year-round on your family’s schedule.  Your child can attend school online at Gateway on a schedule that works best for the student and your entire family.  This is all made possible by Gateway Academy’s one-on-one learning feature, which means that each child is in a classroom of one in all subjects, with an expert teacher.  We call it Personalized Learning, and it is the ideal way for any student to learn at his or her own pace.

One-on-one learning provides a more concentrated learning environment for students at any level. Students who learn in Gateway Academy’s one-on-one format typically perform at a higher level and learn at a faster pace than they would in a more traditional and larger class setting.  So, learning remotely at Gateway is just like learning when our school building is open: customized curriculum, personalized learning in a concentrated environment, and all on your preferred schedule.

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Is Your Child Struggling in School?

Each year, many families finally learn the truth about what’s keeping their children from succeeding in school with a psychoeducational evaluation from the Learning Lab Assessment Center.  It’s where Middle Tennessee families have turned for answers for more than three decades.  From ADHD and dyslexia, to numerous other learning differences and issues, Learning Lab’s psychologists and examiners uncover the problems and provide parents with answers, insights, and solutions.

If your child has been struggling with learning issues – or you’ve been struggling watching him or her each day – help is available. With school out for COVID-19, now is an excellent time to learn more. We are offering assessment appointments on a case by case basis.  For a no obligation discussion or to schedule an appointment, contact Amy Johnston, Assessment Coordinator at the Learning Lab, today at 615-970-9984, or email [email protected]. We offer fast scheduling and Saturday appointments by request.

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