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COVID-19 Educational Shifts

Don’t let COVID-19 social distancing interrupt your child’s education. School is ALWAYS in session at the Learning Lab!

Our services are available online, at the location of your choice, or at one of our Learning Lab centers.

Learn More About Learning Lab Safety Precautions
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Do You Need Virtual Learning Support With School This Year?

With several schools currently online, or locking their families into virtual contracts, a lot of families are struggling to juggle the responsibilities of work, childcare, and online learning, while also trying to keep their households running smoothly. Sound familiar?

The unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19 have caused families all over the country to start thinking outside the box in order to provide structure and educational support for their children until things get back to normal.

Does your family need in-home virtual support for your student? Learning Lab’s Virtual Learning Support program is your solution!

With Learning Lab’s in-home Virtual Learning Support program, you:

  • Provide the space
  • Set the time
  • Identify the small group of students you feel comfortable participating with

We’ll then provide the supervision and assistance with one of our coaches. Or, if you need a place to send your child during the day, so they can be supervised while attending their school’s online platform, give us a call to discuss options and pricing.

We know that you want to provide a safe place for your child to learn during the day, a place where they’ll be supervised, and where they’ll get assistance with their online learning platform. But, we also know that you’re busy and overwhelmed. For over 35 years, Learning Lab has been providing solutions to help local families with their educational needs. We are here to help.

Learning Lab’s Virtual Learning Support

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Our coaches will:

–  Supervise students with their online classes, so they stay focused

–  Ensure students attend their classes on time, by providing assistance with logging on

–  Supervise students with classwork, as well as independent work as needed, so they stay on track

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Our program is perfect for students participating in:

–  WCS Online (Williamson County Schools)

–  FSSD Virtual Learning (Franklin Special School District)

–  MNPS Remote Learning (Metro Nashville Public Schools)

–  Any student who switches to remote learning

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Cost (for in-home support):

If you’re interested, please give us a call to inquire about pricing. We can customize our program to fit your family’s needs.

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Benefits of Learning Lab's Virtual Learning Support:


The environment is controlled (no large groups of students)


Our coaches will conduct temperature checks on every student before starting each day


Our coaches are background checked, drug tested, and insured


We have substitute coaches, so that you always have support

Learning Lab's COVID-19 Safety Measures

Social Distancing:

We will continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines while limiting the number of visitors and people waiting in our lobby.


Cleaning and Sanitizing:

We will clean and sanitize high traffic surfaces and areas on a routine basis, and our teachers will clean and sanitize their class areas in between every session. Hand sanitizer is also widely available.


Safety Precautions:

To ensure increased protection, we have implemented temperature screenings at our front desk, as well as one-way hallways where possible (please follow the signs and arrows posted). For the health and safety of everyone, we request that anyone entering the Learning Lab agrees to wear a mask.

Gateway Academy logo. Confidence, Responsibility, Knowledge.


If you are looking for a completely different option for school this year due to COVID-19, Gateway Academy is a fully accredited small private school. We provide learning options to address needs, so students can continue their education and experience academic success.
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Need Another Option for School This Year Due to COVID-19? Gateway Academy is Your Solution.

COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty and anxiety for families in regard to their students’ education this year. Are you worried about whether your child will be safe, or how they’ll respond to remote learning, given the number of students who’ll need to be accommodated at the same time?

Gateway Academy is an accredited, full-time private school that operates year-round on your family’s schedule.  Your child can attend school in person, or online, on a schedule that works best for them and your entire family. There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to education. If your family is struggling to find a solution, Gateway Academy can help.

Fox 17 recently ran a story on our school, so if you’re curious about what Gateway Academy “is,” please check out the video on the right!

Gateway Academy:

Customized Learning (Grades K-12th):
  • Fully individualized and personalized one-on-one non-traditional school.
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If you just need a tutor to help fill the gaps during the educational shifts caused by COVID-19, Learning Lab provides a variety of tutoring and test prep services to meet nearly every family’s needs.
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Does Your Student Need a Tutor to Help Fill the Gaps Caused by COVID-19 Disruptions?

Tutoring at the Learning Lab allows your child to stay on track academically:

  • We provide a variety of expert tutoring and test prep services to meet nearly every family’s needs
  • We offer one-on-one tutoring in any subject, at any grade level 

Our professional educators bring comprehensive backgrounds in their respective subject areas and experience in helping students learn and succeed at every level. Because our remote tutoring is done through an online platform, there is no health risk to your child or your family. Online tutoring at Learning Lab helps your student to continue to progress in their studies with a professional educator in live sessions, while safely at home during the COVID-19 crisis. If you prefer in-person tutoring for your child, we offer our services at the location of your choice, or at one of our Learning Lab centers.

If you want to find out if your student is on track academically, Learning Lab’s Assessment Center can help!
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Is Your Child Struggling in School?

Many students struggled when the spring semester was cut in half, and with several Middle Tennessee schools beginning their year online, learning gaps are expected to grow larger.

Families want to know how far behind their children are, or whether they may have a learning difference that prevents them from keeping pace with their peers. Our psychologists and examiners provide families with answers and insights regarding their student’s strengths and challenges, as well as evidence-based recommendations for addressing them, so they can feel confident their child experiences success in school.

We understand how difficult it is to watch a child fall behind in school. For more than three decades, thousands of families have turned to the Learning Lab’s Assessment Center to understand the academic difficulties their children face. Our comprehensive educational evaluations help families find out if their child is on track academically.

If you’re worried that your child has been struggling with learning issues – or you’ve been struggling to watch them each day – help is available. For a no-obligation discussion or to schedule an appointment, contact Amy Johnston, Assessment Coordinator at the Learning Lab, at 615-970-9984, or email [email protected]. We offer fast scheduling and Saturday appointments by request.

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