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Educational Careers at Learning Lab

Learning Lab is an educational services provider that’s been offering tutoring, test prep, and educational assessments to Middle Tennessee students for the past 35 years. Additionally, we manage a small fully accredited private school, called Gateway Academy, which provides rigorous learning in a small setting that’s more conducive to some learners. A majority of our students engage in one-on-one learning with a teacher, or groups consisting of no more than five students for each teacher. Our professional educators not only provide high-quality instruction, but they also serve as supportive mentors and goal setters for our students.

Due to the recent educational disruptions created by COVID-19, Learning Lab and Gateway Academy will be expanding our programs and services to help meet the needs of parents struggling to balance work, childcare, and online learning.

Below, you will find a list of open positions we are urgently seeking to fill in an effort to meet evolving needs:

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Middle and High School Math Teachers

Ranging from 5th grade through Calculus and Statistics; ideally, candidates would be comfortable teaching 2-3 grade levels

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High School Science Teachers

Ranging from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, however, we are specifically looking for someone who can teach Chemistry

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Upper Elementary/Middle School Teachers

Ideal candidates would be comfortable teaching one or more of the major subjects for grades 5-8 (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies)

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Perks Include:


Supportive staff


Flexible schedule


Ample workspace


Our educators are granted a good deal of autonomy within their instruction


Competitive pay

Ideal candidates for all positions would be available a minimum of 3 days per week, Monday through Friday. The majority of our teaching is done on a one-on-one basis, though there are some small groups.

All offers are for part-time positions, with flexible hours. Daytime, afternoon, and evening hours are available.

Qualifications and Skills:


Bachelor's Degree


Experience working with youth and/or children (ideally classroom or tutoring experience)

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Learning Lab provides a friendly environment, comfortable workspaces, flexible hours, and an excellent opportunity for professional educators to teach and tutor motivated students. If you are a qualified educator and if this is the kind of opportunity you are seeking, please complete and submit the form below.