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Does Your Child Need a Tutor? We Help Students Catch Up

Tutor sitting with a young male student.

You have twenty seconds to explain the Pythagorean theorem. Go! If you’re like most parents, well, it’s been a while since you had to solve for a hypotenuse in math class. Fair enough. Whether your child is in third-grade math or AP English Literature, it can be challenging – if not all but impossible – to tutor them what you may have never learned or long forgotten.

Private Tutoring for All Subjects

Learning Lab provides students with high-level, one-on-one private tutoring so your child can catch up on subjects in which they need a little help. Learning Lab meets students where they are and empowers them to grow in the following subjects, as well as other areas of study that may be required.

  • Math
  • Reading
  • English
  • Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Social Studies
  • Study Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Test Prep
  • AP Courses

Faster Learning, Higher Level Performance

In addition to helping students learn specific subject matter, Learning Lab tutors help students develop skills that will serve them for a lifetime in all areas of learning. Students in Learning Lab’s private tutoring programs learn to develop critical thinking skills, build powerful study habits, and improve time management.

Ashley Dugger-Lauer, Director of After School Services at the Learning Lab of Brentwood

Does My Child Need a Private Tutor?

Your child may benefit from one-on-one tutoring services if:

  • He struggles in a difficult school environment or lacks necessary social skills.
  • One particular subject area has been difficult to master.
  • She needs to boost confidence and preparedness for private school testing (ISEE) or the college entrance process (ACT/SAT).
  • Focusing on tasks, completing assignments, managing time, and getting organized seem overwhelming.
  • She is at the top of her class and seeks an educational advantage.
  • You educate your child at home and require additional help or resources in teaching a particular subject.

Where Can My Student Get Private Tutoring Services?

Learning Lab’s services are available for ages four to adult in the setting that works for you:

  • Online with a local educator tutoring your student in real-time
  • In-home from an tutor who travels to your house
  • Outside the home at the location of your choice, such as a coffee shop, library, etc.
  • At a Learning Lab center in Brentwood or Nashville

Tutors function as both mentors and goal setters as they lead your student through a comprehensive learning experience. Whether your child needs some extra help in the face of COVID-19 disruptions or would like to get ahead of the curve, learn more about the private tutoring services available to your family in Brentwood and Nashville with Learning Lab.

Have a question about Learning Lab’s tutoring services? Please contact us!