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Combat Summer Learning Loss

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The 2020-2021 school year has been a challenging time for many students. With more time spent out of the classroom and learning virtually, many students have fallen behind. (Learn more about COVID-related learning loss.

Of course, learning loss isn’t just a COVID phenomenon. Learning loss frequently occurs in the summer, as well. In fact, researchers have been tracking “summer learning loss” since 1906, reports Brookings. The same article reports on three core findings regarding summer learning loss:

  1. Students’ achievement scores decline over summer vacation the equivalent of one month’s worth of learning in the academic year.
  2. Declines tend to be sharper for math than for reading.
  3. Learning loss occurs at a greater extent in higher grade levels.

The Brookings article goes on to cite a study of more than half-a-million students in grades two through nine, reporting an average loss of 25-30 percent of school-year learning over the summer. 

What Can You Do About Summer Learning Loss?

This summer, students of all ages can take advantage of Learning Lab’s Summer Enrichment Programs, which are designed to boost and expand the previous school year’s learning and help students catch up, get back on track, or even get ahead for the coming school year. 

Choose from more than 15 classes to find the program that’s just right for your student’s needs. Below, you can view a sampling of courses offered. For a full list of summer courses, view this page.

Summer Programs at Learning Lab:

  • Learning Bridge: Given the back-and-forth nature of in-person to online learning, parents might be concerned about their students’ reading and/or math gaps going into the next school year, along with gaps from last school year. Get them caught up, and back on track! Learn more.
  • Course Credit Recovery: Our Course Recovery offers an accelerated program for high school students to make up credit in classes they did not pass. What’s more, we work closely with the schools to ensure that they will accept the credit. Learn more.
  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Reading & Executive Functioning Camp (Rising 1st-5th Graders): This 5-day camp will feature a game-based, social-emotional learning curriculum that incorporates reading, executive functioning, and mindfulness/meditation skills! Learn more.
  • Back to School Study Skills Camp (Rising 6th-10th Graders): Back to School Study Skills…get your student geared up to go back to school! Learn more.
  • ACT Prep Week (Rising 10th-12th Graders): ACT Prep Week…the best way to ease the college admissions pressure! Learn more.

Combat Summer Learning Loss at Learning Lab

For more information about summer enrichment programs, contact one of our two Learning Lab locations. Let us help your student prepare for their best school year yet!

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